6 Ways You Can Have Fun & Enjoy Eid-IL-Adha Amidst Pandemic

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July 4, 2020
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6 Ways You Can Have Fun & Enjoy Eid-IL-Adha Amidst Pandemic

6 Ways You can have Fun & Enjoy eid-IL-adha Amidst Pandemic.

The 10th day of Dhul Hijjah is Yaomul Eid ,A day of reflection and celebration ,we hope that you can celebrate from home with your friends and loved ones.

Here’s some ideas we hope can help to make the day special even in our current situation.


A great way to create that Eid vibe in your home is to fill your house with Eid decorations. This can be balloons, banners, paper works or lights. You could also create your own decorations in the days before. Pinterest is filled with loads of ideas on how to create Eid decoration and has many Eid sweet recipes too.


Put together a soundtrack for the day by choosing halal  Eid songs  you can sing along to together or have playing in the background as you feast on your Eid meal.

A good example is Eid Sa’ed by our south Africa brother Zain Bhikha.


As the sunnah dictates,dress up in  your best and festive clothes for Eid.Take the Eid ritual bath &wear a nice fragrance.

Drive over to the Masjid parking lot for an Eid car caravan. 

If it won’t disturb the neighbors and it doesn’t violate any city ordinances, drive through the Masjid parking lot with family and friends and honk your horns, saying “Eid Mubarak!” out loud.


This is an essential aspect that shouldn’t overlooked,praying together with family seem to becthe only option for reminiscing about the past Eid.

Saying the Takbiratul ishraq is also a meritorious.

Drive past Muslim neighbors’ and friends’ houses and  visit close family whilst ensuring the COVID-19 norms are being considered. Wish them Eid Mubarak


Exchanging gifts is an amazing way of enjoying Eid,especially the with kids.It lingers  on and create memorable experience. 

Going with this,you can curate a playlist by putting together the soundtrack of the day, choosing halal Eid songs,playing in the background as you feast on your Eid meal. A very good example is Eid sa’ed song by our south Africa brother Zain Bhikha.


Cap off a unique Eid day with Dua and an online donation to the charity of your choice, Share your sumptuous Qurbani with family and friends. This also exhibits beauty of islam. Bear in mind , the poor & needy by giving out 1/3 of the portion of your  Qurbani to the needy, which fosters society peace and love in our neighbourhood. 


Give whatever you can afford, thanking Allah (SWT) for this opportunity, and the many blessings you were able to experience despite the challenging circumstances all over the world.


Make supplications to Allah SWT on this day, ask Allah to grant you the grace to perform Hajj in a lifetime and multiple times.

Sure you’lld hook up with Hajj Mabrur for the blissful journey?

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