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    It is necessary that I say thank you very much to Alhaji M. Adebayo, Alhaja S. Akintayo , Alhaji Oyinlola and Alhaji Aremu for their encouragement which led to the realization of my Hajj goal. I pray that Allah SWT rewards you appropriately. Ameen. To other officials of the Company, who contributed to the success of my Hajj goal and whose name I don't know. I pray that Allah SWT rewards you accordingly. Jazakum Lahu Khaeran to all. I am advertising HAJJ MABRRUR VENTURES LTD for the good job. Thanks. Hajj 2022  
  • Alhaji Amusa Abass
    HAJJ MABRRUR VENTURES LTD is the best. They took good care of us.  
    Alhaji Amusa Abass
  •  Abdul Yekini Oyetunde Hajj2022
    I don't know where to start and how to say thank you. Is it to talk about the caring for feeding, provisions of spiritual guidance on the right path of sunna, health care and other several ways we have learnt and benefited from Hajj Mabrur ventures limited? By the special grace of Almighty Allah, Hajj Mabrur shall continue to progress to greater height in the entire world. I use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to the Managing director and professor Gabadin of Hajj Mabrur for the lectures and a lot of courage and advice which we enjoyed throughout our journey, I also appreciate the entire management of Hajj Mabrur. May Almighty Allah bless and guide you all, jazakumullahu khaeran.  
    Abdul Yekini Oyetunde Hajj2022
  • Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
    The highlight of my HAJJ was having the opportunity to give more gratitude to the Almighty for his mercies and grace I have enjoined for the past 25years of my life. Not leaving out the need for me to seek for forgiveness of all my sins. The 3Weeks Hajj Experience was really a life-transforming spiritual experience which unlocked a new level of spirituality and feeling of newness. I am most grateful to HAJJ Mabrur Ventures Ltd. for guiding us through the spiritual Journey. They are really what their motto says “…Simply Hospitality, truly Spirituality” 💯
    Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
  • Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
    I was surprised we took off and returned back on the exact date and time we were given by them and I am most impressed with their services, calmness and professionalism of their officials. We were given accommodation in a very good hotel close to Masjid Al-Haram and Medina, quality meals(African dishes), daily lectures on our Deen and most importantly a new family To my roommates turned sisters-Alhaja(Sinmiat, Haleemah and Taofeeqoh), thank you for making my stay a great one.
    Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
  • Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
    HAJJ Mabrur gave me the platform to observe Umrah and HAJJ in line with the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). We did Zirayat in Medina for few days where we had the opportunity of observing several prayer in Masjid Al-Medina Al-Mumawarah, Masjid Quba, Visitation to Ajuwa Date palm, visitation to where the Saabahs were buried and battle of hud was fought amongst others.
    Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
  • Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
    We finally proceeded to Makkah for all our HAJJ rites, took our Ihram at Miqat, did Tawaf at Kaabah, Saee (Safa and Marwa), prayed at Arafah, spents some nights at Mina and a night at Muzdalifa, threw pebbles at Jamarat and others. I had a great HAJJ Experience and I pray this won’t be my last and May Allah grant all the rest of my family and friends the privilege to be here too. Alhamdulillah!
    Abdul Rasaq Kaosarah Adeyi
  • Alhaja Fausat Sanni
    I can never forget the Hajj I did with Hajj Mabrur of TMC in 2003 and that anyone that wants to perform meaningful Hajj should follow Hajj Mabrur! Al-hamdulillah"
    Alhaja Fausat Sanni
     Oyo state commissioner for women affairs
  • "Certainly I'll recommend you to any friend of mine. I've been coming with different agents for umrah & Hajj since 2006, Hajj Mabrur is the best. "
    Prof.Olawore Nureni
    Retired Prof.Organic Chemistry, LAUTECH, Ogbomoso
  • "I performed hajj 2018 with HMVL and the experience was overwhelming, the services provided was an excellent one, from the staff, lectures and their hospitality was awesome, it exceeded my expectations. The accommodations both medina and mecca are easy accessible areas, close to Mosjid and haram, Muna was suitable for the purpose, the Arafat prayer was fully spiritual. i will be willing to go again with them and at the time encourage friends to go with them as i was also referred by a friend."
    Health Care sector in Winnipeg, Canada
  • My personal experience with HMVL on Hajj 2018 surpassed my husband's with them in 2008.Payment flexibility is really encouraging, the Hajj rites were performed with less stress due to very good accommodation closer to Haram both at Mecca and Medina. The tent at Muna & Arafah were suitable for the purpose. Guidance and support by staff of HMVL to perform all required activities were motivating and encouraging. I hereby recommend HMVL to everyone who desires to perform Hajj as recommended by prophet Mohammed (S.A.W) "
    FATADE HABEEBAT, Nigerian based in Canada
    Money Remittance - Operations and Logistics
  • Its been very wonderful experience with HAJJ Mabrur, right from start to the end their experienced set of qulama"a keep all the pilgrims on track with a series of lectures to guide them through Hajj rite. Their operational staff are exceptional just ask and they are there to assist you. I personally promised HAJJ Mabrur not less than 5 pilgrims next year as I will continue to advertise to my friends and family my experience.
    Musa Ibrahim Babangida
    Senior System Analyst- Nigerian Port Authority (NPA)

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